Friday, November 6, 2009

South on Highway 10

On our third episode we visited Fort Gibson, Oklahoma then turned south and explored OK-10. We discovered that no matter who you are, you'll probably find something to enjoy on Oklahoma State Highway 10.

Greenleaf State Park is located near Braggs, Oklahoma and is one of the seven original Oklahoma State Parks. The centerpiece of Greenleaf is a sparkling 900-acre lake. The lake and rustic rock cabins were originally built in the Thirties by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Later renovations were performed by German POWs housed at nearby Camp Gruber. Another unique structure is the Gruber Group Camp building which once served as the officer's lounge, and is still used occasionally by the National Guard and Reserve.

In addition to 15 cabins, Greenleaf offers visitors an 18 mile hiking trail, bike trails, a heated fishing dock, more than 200 campsites and a nature center offering year-round programming. A special “cabin in the lake” is an award-winning facility reserved for handicapped visitors. The group camp is also available for family reunions and groups. Boats and canoes are available for rental, but personal watercraft are not allowed on Greenleaf Lake.

Just a few miles up Highway 10 from Braggs, Oklahoma is the Gruber ORV area. This is a popular off-road vehicle riding area known for its rocky terrain and wooded trails. The park was created in 1990 when a 455-acre sliver of Camp Gruber was deeded to Muskogee County. The property is bounded on the east by Oklahoma Highway 10 and the Arkansas River on the west.

Regional competitions are held at Gruber including enduros, observed trials and cross-country races. But lots of folks like to just come out and spend an afternoon putting around. There are plenty of challenging trails that twist through these woods and over rocky ledges. 

Two Wheel Oklahoma


Anonymous said...

I grew up driving the Copperhead Trail. My dad and I would jump on his motorcycle and take off... a lot of the time finding our way on that winding road. Thanks guys, for encouraging us to get off the couch and out into our beautiful state of Oklahoma!

Anonymous said...

You guys are Awesome! I've traveled thousands of miles in the last 10 years on two wheels. Being from Oklahoma makes your show even better. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Just found out about your show, from my Mother! i wish oeta would replay at a later time during the week, got my dvr set now! A rider myself, I love to ride some of the backroads of Oklahoma, and, well, some of the best dining spots come along with that! I will tune in, and who knows, maybe turn you guys onto some cool rides!

Anonymous said...

Nice episode, glad I happened on it. I've taken that ride myself along with many other small highways thru Oklahoma. I'll be sure to catch more episodes. Should be replayed by the network.

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