Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Bikes

You'll see us riding different bikes on the various episodes of Two Wheel Oklahoma- most are courtesy of our special and wonderful sponsors- like an Aprilia from Brookside Motorcycles, or a Triumph courtesy Roadhouse Motorsports. But we're often asked about the bikes we own- the bikes we ride most of the time. So here's a quick look at the two-wheelers in our garage.

Uppity BMW Riders
Brad and I both own BMWs. We didn't get together and agree on buying BMWs- it's not any sort of master plan or multi-million dollar contract for product placement. Unfortunately. No, it just happened to work out that way.

This is Brad's BMW R1200S (left) and Rex's BMW R1200GS (right) during a ride to Okmulgee Lake.In fact, neither of us ever really considered ourselves (make air quotes here) "BMW People." We both ended up owning Beemers by different paths and for very different reasons. And yes, they're both yellow- but otherwise the two could hardly be more different.

It Ain't Purdy
I ride a GS model, which has been called the Swiss Army Knife of motorcycles. It's a 2005 R1200GS (on the right above) and my third BMW. Most people think it looks like a cross between a dirt bike and the Mars Rover. I like to point out the Mars Rover got stuck and so far I never have.

The GS is a comfortable bike to go long distances, long-legged for rolling over bumpy stuff and tall enough to see over urban traffic. Downside is... um... there's too much aftermarket stuff available? I can't afford all the farkles? Basically, I have very few complaints.

The BMW R1200S belongs to BradRocket Man
Now Brad, on the other hand rides a BMW that's not really much like most BMWs. Brad rides a 1200S which (until recently) was BMW's offering for the sporting crowd. It was sort of their first stab at making a 21st century crotch rocket. His R1200S dispels the typical Old Farts on BMWs stereotype. It's a full-on sportbike and pretty much the polar opposite of my GS.

Which is why I have to carry everything.

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