Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wanna' Help? Now You Can.

Since Two Wheel Oklahoma began airing last October I've had several people ask me, "How can I help?" It's great to know so many people enjoy what we're doing. Even better to know they are willing to offer their support.

Support the Show
Now you can help us make new episodes of T.W.O.

Your financial contribution helps underwrite the costs associated with production, editing, closed-captioning and distribution.

It's humbling.

What's really surprising is the diverse backgrounds these people represent: teachers, lawyers, old-school bikers, Greek shipping magnates... well, not so much. But the common thread is they're all folks looking to enjoy a Sunday afternoon, discovering Oklahoma. And that's exactly who we were hoping to reach- people interested in exploring their own back yard.

And while we prefer our adventures served on two wheels, that's not the important part. How you choose to get there is your choice. We hope to appeal to viewers no matter whether they drive, push, pedal, walk or limbo down Route 66. And therein, my friends, lies our rude awakening.
Actual Conversation:
"So this is a motorcycle show?"
"Actually it's a travel show. And yes, we happen to ride motorcycles."
"All I see are motorcycles."
"Well, we do show the motorcycles- since that's how we got there."
"We wouldn't be interested in sponsoring a motorcycle show."
Oh yeah, we know what we're doing.The above exchange illustrates the challenge. Two Wheel Oklahoma doesn't fit neatly into any of the slots at Blockbuster. It's not your typical Biker TV Show, with copious amounts of chrome and silicone. And it's not your run-of-the-mill travel show either. We saw many examples of the "formula for success," then went our own way. Yet, in spite of this obvious disregard for categorized genres, people seem to like it.

A small number of local shops have supported us, and we appreciate them immensely. But so far corporate sponsorship has eluded us. I firmly believe it's out there- it's just a matter of seeking out the right organization. But in the meantime we're scrambling to keep up our momentum, burning DVDs, working on new shows and seeking financial support to keep the cameras rolling.

We've been told the wise thing to do would be change our format- after careful consideration we're proposing another option:

Our Sponsor: You
At this point we hope to produce new episodes in the coming months. While we are still diligently working to entice visionary corporate sponsorship, we're beginning a grassroots appeal now. We ask for your financial support to underwrite production costs, travel expenses, Brad's wardrobe and my hair transplants. (Not really, I cover all my own travel expenses).

Any amount helps. And to show our appreciation we've created the very official sounding: Big Giant Two Wheel Oklahoma Thank You List. Depending on the amount you're willing to contribute, we're listing our sponsors, like you, on this list along with acknowledgment on the show throughout the 2010 season.

Support the Show

Two Wheel Oklahoma

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It's a Travel Show

Two Wheel Oklahoma is a television travel show featuring the motorcycle rides of Brad Mathison and Rex Brown along the scenic highways and backroads of Oklahoma.

Each episode highlights a stretch of road or historic route and explores unique destinations along the way. Tune in three times a week on the Cox Channel.

We hope you'll come ride along.

Brad and Rex: co-hosts of Two Wheel Oklahoma