Friday, August 22, 2008

Road and Ride Tests

Checking out the Moto Guzzi Norge in Osage County
Last week we began working on a new segment we hope makes the final cut. It will be a series of road tests of various motorcycles- new and used. We want to know what bikes you want us to shake down!

I realize there's nothing new about road testing a motorcycle- lots of magazines and TV shows do it. But we hope to put a different spin on it.

We had originally glossed over the idea because of the lack of "local content." But then we realized that road tests could be presented in a way that might add a little local flavor. Put a local spin on things that might be lacking from the Mainstream Media. Lemme'splain...

Road tests can get expensive.
Road testing can get expensive.
Brad and Paul returned from Osage County with mementos from the local constable.
First off, the bike being tested has to be provided by a local source, right? No point in testing a bike you can't buy in these parts. That one's obvious. But then you could also ride local roads to do the road test. It's cool to read about carving canyons on the latest hot rod- but carving hollers in Delaware County might be closer to real life. How does it handle cattle guards? Bet you won't see that on Steel Dreams! We decided to go for it and jump into the Motorcycle Road Test business.

Your Turn
We can use your input. Help us decide which bikes to put through their paces.

Here's the deal- we're going to shoot two kinds of ride reports, new bikes and "contemporary classics." We're open to nominations for both. Comment on this post to offer your two cents. Tell us one new ride and one old bike you'd like to see on the show. So easy.

I promise nothing- but we'll consider all your suggestions.

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