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Tourmaster Transition Jacket

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Versatile Jacket for All Seasons

I often wear a black Tourmaster Transition jacket on the show. So far this has been the most usable jacket I have ever ridden with. It works in almost any weather condition, except extreme heat. But that kind of versatility is what makes the Transition a really great bargain.

TOURMASTER TRANSITION SERIES 3 JACKETThe current version is the Transition II (right). It's s a 3/4 length jacket made mostly of 600 denier polyester with a water-resistant coating and clever reinforcing panels that are reflective. For protection you get a foam backpad and removable CE armor in the shoulders and elbows. Included with the jacket is an insulated zip-out liner. The main zipper is a heavy duty "double zipper" which means it's made to unzip from below for comfort when seated. You also get a pants zipper to attach this jacket to riding pants (they even throw in the pant side of the zipper).
Ventilation is provided by adjustable shoulder vents plus vents in the chest, sleeves and back to create what Tourmaster calls its "pipeline ventilation system." It seems to actually work despite the catchy name. The chest vents also have a double velcro strip to hold them open in hot weather. All of the vents on the front use waterproof zippers and/or flaps.

Tour Master is known for packing their riding gear with a lot of features at a reasonable price. This jacket is no exception. For example the collar and cuffs are lined with microfiber so they're comfortable— yet also durable. A pocket across the back offers extra storage, even if it isn't the most convenient to get at. Night visibility is enhanced by liberal amounts of Scotchlite. The adjustment straps for the cuffs and waist are infinitely adjustable velcro instead of snaps. Another nice touch is a snap to keep the collar from flapping around when you ride with it open. I have to admit- that one was a mystery to me for the first week I owned this jacket!

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