Friday, December 18, 2009

Diamond Gusset Riding Jeans

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Ever wish you had some riding pants that didn't look... well, like riding pants? 

You may have noticed me wearing blue jeans on some of the shows. Every once in a while I get asked about riding in jeans by fellow motorcyclists, "Don't you ever feel uncomfortable just wearing jeans?"

Yes and no. The jeans I'm wearing are Diamond Gusset Defenders and are reinforced with Kevlar. The Kevlar provides more abrasion protection than denim alone can offer. While they don't have the protection of full-on motorcycle pants, I feel they're safer than riding in regular blue jeans.

Diamond Gusset Defender jeans are made in Memphis, Tennessee and derive their name from a diamond-shaped panel sewn into the crotch. The idea is this gusset reduces the bunching and binding you get with most jeans when seated. It must work, because I have found them to be extremely comfortable, even on long rides.

DG takes their regular 14.5 oz. denim jean and adds Kevlar panels in the knees, butt and hips. You also get a watch pocket on the left-hand side, a small "knife" pocket on the right leg, a D-ring above the right pocket and Velcro closures at the bottom of the leg openings. These are well made jeans and come in blue or black. Unlike some riding jeans these are sized by waist and length, just like Levis.

Do I consider them equivalent to motorcycle riding pants?

No. They offer some protection from sliding along the asphalt. Proper riding pants with removable armor and/or leather reinforcements will always be a better choice.

Riding jeans like this provide more protection than standard blue jeans. But they do not offer the protection from impacts or severe abrasion that you'll get with "real" riding pants. So if you prefer the casual look, comfort and light weight of jeans these may be a good choice.

You can find more information about Diamond Gusset Defenders and their regular blue jeans at

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