Friday, February 12, 2010

BMWs are Back in Tulsa

BMW motorcycles are back in Tulsa. Seriously.

I know this has come up before, but after a few shaky starts in Tulsa over the last few years, it looks like they might be here to stay at Iron Lightning, now doing business as BMW Motorcycle Tulsa. The Iron Lightning dealership has carried the Big Dog line of motorcycles for some years now, and they have been in their current location at 8246 East 73rd Street since April of 2000. It is a family run business with Bill Ewerling and his wife Judy running the shop and their son, Bill Jr., working as a technician.

We visited with the owner, Bill Ewerling of Iron Lightning and got some insight on the dealership and their new range of bikes from Munich.

First, some of the numbers on the dealership: They currently stock the Big Dog line of "custom" Cruisers and now have the full range of BMWs in stock. The Big Dog bikes are quite unique in that they are a production motorcycle built in the US, not far from here in Wichita, Kansas. They currently build a range of seven bikes, using belt drives, six-speed gearboxes and quality that is a notch above most customs.

Iron Lightning is set up with 3,500 sq ft service area and another 3,500 sq ft of showroom, that can now service either Big Dogs or BMWs with confidence, complete with trained technicians and a dyno. Both brands share the showroom floor, complimented by the typical gear and shiny parts for the bikes.

When we stopped by they had 11 Big Dog motorcycles and 15 BMWs in stock and ready to go. Bill believes in stocking what he sells and it shows. It was nice to walk in to a dealership and see a full range of what a manufacturer makes.

Talk about a well rounded inventory.

We thought it sounded odd, when we heard that the BMWs had landed at Iron Lightning, but after poking around the place and meeting everybody, that notion quickly evaporated. Now it just seems like another quality shop selling two lines of bikes.

Go by and meet the crew. Their new BMW-specific website is now online at

From every indication they mean to stick around for a while. And hopefully that means we have the BMW line of bikes back in Tulsa to stay.

One of the furry "big dogs" at Iron Lightning.

Bill Ewerling and Brad discuss some of the finer points of German style.

- Words by Brad Mathison, Photos by Rex Brown
Two Wheel Oklahoma


Anonymous said...

Wow. Talk about covering both ends of the rider spectrum. They can make it, if they have a GREAT, factory-certified BMW mechanic. If not, same song, second stanza.

BMW Motorcycles Tulsa said...

TWO, thank you for the article. We are very excited about the new BMW line, and look forward to a long, lasting relationship with all the riding community. To everyone, stop by the shop and check out the new line of motorcycles, apparel, and accessories or just stop in and let us introduce ourselves.

Thank you,
BMW Motorcycles Tulsa

Joyce said...

Best of luck to Bill and Judy, from all of the RHMS crew

Anonymous said...

Just talked to a friend of mine in Wichita that "used" to work at Big Dog. He said that there are only three employees and Sheldon Coleman left. . . Everything is stopped with no production scheduled. So it looks like the Big Dogs are drifting off to a historical footnote. . .

It is hard for me understand how Big Dogs and BMW's mix. With the great BMW service and sales available in Bentonville, OKC, and KC, it seems difficult to make 25 or so sales a year worth the trouble and investment to add the product line. For me going anywhere near to 71st and Hell on my BMW motorcycle is not high in my list of things to do. . .

Guess Roadhouse figured it out last year that they couldn't make BMW work with a cruiser client base. I hate to be negative, but three dealers in three years. . . I guess that is why I am not in the motorcycle business. BTW, the BMW motorcycles are produced in Berlin, not Munich.

Best of luck.

JRB said...


Blame me for that Made in Munich gaff. I was referring to BMW AG and forgot the motorcycles are actually built in Berlin.


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