Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Bike Show

The vintage bike shows at Brookside Motorcycle Company each Spring and Fall have quickly  become local favorites. The quirky and eclectic mix of bikes that show up means something for everyone. The hardware on display runs a huge gambit from pristine vintage dirt bikes to wild custom creations to daily-drivers.

This year the three most popular questions were:
  • What year is it?
  • Is that a repro?
  • When are you going to make more shows?

The first two typically received a prompt response. We still don't have a good answer for that third one.

The awards at this gig are strictly people's choice based on a loose classification system Paul Rogers, owner of the establishment, dreams up that morning. There is no snobbery. Instead there's great barbecue. It makes for a great afternoon with friends and fellow riders.

I had to leave early today so I have no idea who really won (so much for my career in journalism). But I decided my best-of-show vote would have to go to the 1952 Nimbus.

What's that? Never heard of a Nimbus?

Yeah, me neither.

Turns out it's a Danish motorcycle that has a 750cc inline four. It has an overhead cam, but no rocker cover. The valves and rockers are swinging in the breeze (preferably a breeze with a light mist of oil). It also has a nice leather seat, but no rear suspension. Instead a pair of rubber bands (no, I'm not kidding) suspend the rider's derriere over bumps and potholes. The example that showed up today was no museum piece either- it's been ridden. In fact, the guy rides it all the time. And I love that.

Here's a short video of a few of the bikes gthat showed up, along with some views of the mighty Nimbus and its visible valvetrain. And congratulations to everyone who actually won. Next year I'll be sure to hang around for the awards. Enjoy.

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