Friday, May 18, 2012

Empty Your Pockets

Who doesn't love a challenge?

Today I came across an interesting post on another motorcycle blog about buying new riding gear. The author was struggling with the transfer of "stuff" from old pockets to new. If the new pockets are smaller you may have a problem.

Then she asked, "What's in your pockets?"

This was just odd enough to intrigue me. 

So Brad and I decided to join the ranks of other motorcycle bloggers and accept the Trobairitz' Tablet Challenge. We promptly emptied the pockets of our favorite riding gear to document the contents. That's when the real challenge started- taking a picture of your phone when that's the only camera you have!

Once that hurdle was overcome we began the laborious process of documenting all our mission-critical possessions. Drum roll, please...


Wallet, two sets of earplugs (hate being without), change, bike key and everything-else keys. Oh... and phone. Everything else goes in the tank bag or gets left at home.

Well worn Blistex lip balm, key to my bike (on an Okie Grown key fob of course), ear plugs, smartphone, some change and Pepto Bismal tablets (you just never know). My wallet was residing in the tank bag- so I assumed that didn't count as a pocket. Fascinating huh?

So what's in your pockets? Go to our Facebook page and post a photo!

Unless it's gross.


Trobairitz said...

Great stuff. I think this puts you in the minimalist category.

Thank you for taking part in the challenge. It is a nice way to get all of us on two wheels to come together a little bit.

-Brandy, aka Trobairitz

john said...

Well, I don't own a digital camera so I cant post a photo, and I DO NOT I reckon I'll just submit my 'two cents worth' here.
Lets see... change, keys, a small Browning pocket knife, Zantac, Wint-O-Green mint, wallet and handkerchief in the pants. Another handkerchief, a couple of antihistamine allergy pills, clear glasses [for riding at night with the shield partially up], sunglasses and various scraps of paper with numbers on them that i no longer remember what they're for in the coat. Oh, and my Esso 'Oil Drop Man' key ring on the zipper!

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