Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Komodo Gear moving to the street market

Gloves now made with more Awesome-ness*!
Although Komodo's Pro Racer gloves are not the most inexpensive glove on the market (nor the most expensive), I think they should be filed in the Awesome category after trying them.

I am constantly amazed at how far the whole gear market has progressed since I have started riding a motorcycle. Not that many years ago, you wore a pair of plain leather gloves, with sometimes minimal padding on the back and hoped that they were at least black, to look a little cool. If not, you wore the same heavy leather gloves that are very similar to what you would see now in the garden department. These are not those gloves. Fast forward to 2012 and this is what a company can build to protect your hands when riding a motorcycle.

Komodo was started in 2004 and is still owned by those same two guys in Texas. They only sell direct from their warehouse and stand behind everything they make. They even discounted all of their pricing when the economy took a turn, because they knew that everybody else was struggling, racers included. As well known as they are around the racetrack, they are now ready to take on the street market.

Pro Racer model in white
These latest gloves from Komodo are their top of the line, track oriented glove. They are made with hides from a few different sources and designed to work both riding the motorcycle and in the case of a fall. No glove can prevent injury in every case, but these sure make a good effort.
The main body of the glove is built out of kangaroo hide. This allows it to be just as strong or stronger in abrasion resistance as cowhide, but using a thinner material to give you more feel at the bars. They go on to cover the scaphoids with padded sting ray hide, which truly laughs at things like a 100 mph slide on pavement, with Kevlar on both the palm and sleeves and carbon fiber on other impact areas. This model uses a full gauntlet with a Velcro closure underneath and another protected strap around the wrist to make sure the glove stays on your hand. All of this is stitched up with Kevlar thread.

Riding with the gloves took minimal break-in. This is something that I like about kangaroo construction and the precurved fingers help with that. The gloves are sized to fit an American hand and this model comes with the "GP Pinky". This means that the pinky finger is attached with a flexible piece of hide to the next finger. I like this feature. They even thought of a handy little pull tab to help you pull them on.

Pre-curved fingers and Sting Ray protection
Overall, these are a top quality, pair of gloves that are from an American company that is well known in racing circles, but still an unknown for many street riders. We haven't had the chance to crash test these (Rex and I are still arguing about whose turn it is), but from the look and feel of these, not to mention the company's commitment to detail and safety, you shouldn't need anything more for a track glove.

Komodo lists this model at $249, direct from them, but they also make a range of different gloves starting as low as $35. All built with the same care and attention. They make a full line of gear, that include full race suits, jackets, boots, pants, and more. And it was refreshing to see everything priced realistically.

With the quality of these gloves, for the prices they list, they have turned into one of my favorites. Now, to replace our worn out jacket and boots...

Go check them out and tell them the Two Wheel Oklahoma guys sent you.

Komodo Gear website

* Awesome-ness is not claimed by Komodo Gear and is only the opinion of this tester.

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Trobairitz said...

Wow, those look like some serious gloves.

I remember my first pair of riding gloves. Plain thin black leather. Now I can appreciate the armored type.

There are so many choices out there, but sometimes it is hard to find ladies gloves with the fingers long enough and yet be small enough around. Men's xs seems to work pretty well for me.

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