Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cannonball Run - On the Road

Our first update from Team Seaba, on the road in the Motorcycle Cannonball run.
Team Seaba is working their way west for 3,956 miles over the next few weeks on their 1929 Harley Davidson J model with Gerald Timms at the helm and a small support crew chasing behind.

Day 1
The Seaba station special has completed day one of the Cannonball. We did 210 miles and the bike is running like a top (thanks phil). It was a great day with good weather and a nice ride.
The day started out with a misstep with no chase truck driver, but we soon found a stranger from England by the name of Ian, he has not show up yet (hope he's not trying out a McDonalds while here in the USA) we know what happened to the original truck driver.

No report for this day, so Gerald must have been worn out.
Day 3
Well it's be a real long day at the cannonball for Team Seaba. We left at daylight to make the Ferry in Muskegon, MI. So, we left Sandusky OH traveled through the plains of  Indiana and on into Michigan.
A full 17 hp when running on both cylinders
We started to fight a running problem with the bike just 30 miles into our run and fought it all day long, barely limping in to the ferry and only running on one cylinder. This left us only able to run about 35-40 miles per hour on the highway (scary), but made it to the ferry in plenty of time. This was mostly because we skipped lunch and just tried to keep moving. 
Once on the ferry it was a 2 and a half hour ride with 20 mph winds, so you cam imagine what that part of the ride was like. Once we reached Milwaukee, we untied the bikes, got off the ferry and found that we had a police escort to the Harley Davidson museum. Upon arriving at the museum, we found 10 thousand people waiting on us to arrive, pretty cool. The people from the museum fed us a great dinner and had lots of stuff going on for us to take our minds off our trip for a short time. 
After dinner we got the bike to the hotel to find out we had a broken intake valve spring and a worn out valve guide. We found a spring that would work, but no guide, so we put it back together with the new spring and my crew will try to get a guide sent to me in Anamosa, Iowa where we will stop at the National Motorcycle Museum.Very long day today, but the bike is still running and I hope tomorrow will be better. 
Tomorrow will be a little shorter at 214 miles.

Day 4 Finishing day four, Team Seaba is still working on some running problems with the bike. We replaced the intake valve guide tonight along with a few other items. So far, it's been a few long days and long nights on the road, but we have completed all the miles so far. 
We left the Harley Davidson museum this morning at 9 am (yeah, I got to sleep in) and headed for Anamosa Iowa. We had a hosted lunch at Kutters Harley Davidson in Monroe, Wisconson. They fed us plenty of Wisconson cheese and did a great job hosting and making us feel welcome. A big thanks to them.
We arrived at Anamosa at the national motorcycle musuem around 4 this afternoon to a pretty large crowd meeting us, and then fed us dinner. 
It's on to Spirit Lake, Iowa in the morning, leaving out at 8:00. Ready for another good day.

Some of Team Seaba's sponsors:
Seaba Station
Motul Oil
Avon Tyres
Midland Electronics
T-Fab Metal Fabrication

Cannonball Run Official website

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