Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Team Seaba past the Rockies

Gerald on a good day
Day 10
After a early night to sleep in Yellowstone with no TV, Internet or wireless, we woke up this morning to 29 degrees. Ever try to kick start a 29 HD with 70 weight oil at 29 degrees? Well you should.
We left the lodge a 7:30 that morning and burrrrr it was cold with lots of fog and could not see anything. I was riding with Brad Wilmarth, last year's Cannonball winner, when a large buffalo ran across right in front of us Brad just about got him. About that time, I looked down at my sweatshirt and noticed that it was completely white with frost, along with my glasses. I couldn't hardly see a thing, but the buffalo sure woke us both up. We made it to see old faithful, which was pretty cool if you have not seen it.
It finally started to warm up and we had lunch at the old faithful lodge. Great old building, built all out of logs from the park. After lunch, we were off to Jackson, WY by way of Grand Teton Park.
We made to to Jackson a little early, coming in about 4 pm and had another trouble free day.
Tomorrow will be a long day, with 300 miles going from Jackson, WY to Mountain Home, ID.

Day 11
Team Seaba just finished day 11 of the Cannonball. We left Jackson, WY at 7.30 am and 32 degrees. Very cool going over Teton Pass. Slow going up, but what fun coming down. After the mountain pass it was a pretty boring ride into Mountain Home, ID where our stage ended today. The Harley ran good and seems to like the cold morning air a lot more thn the hot afternoon air we have had in the previous week, so overall a good day and the bike is running great. Tomorrow is a 251 mile day from Mountain Home, ID to Burns, OR. 

Day 12
No report, so we are going to assume that Gerald is done with his valve troubles for the duration and actually got some rest.

Day 13
Team Seaba just finished day 13 at the cannonball. Today's route was from Burns,OR to Klamath Falls, OR. It was 220 miles with a pretty direct route with not much to see. The bike ran great, but it did try to overheat, so we had to make an extra stop for it to cool off before proceeding. Tomorrow it's off to California!

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