Friday, March 8, 2013

Dry Feet and a Warm Heart

Waterproof Boots a Comfortable Solution

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Motorcycle boots come in almost as many varieties as motorcycles. Finding the perfect pair involves shopping for boots that fit your style of riding, how much protection you want and what you feel comfortable wearing. I think a lot of people want something that offers some crash insurance, but prefer not to look like a storm trooper from Star Wars when they stop for lunch. Tourmaster's Solution 2.0 Road Boots may be what you're looking for.

TourMaster Solution 2.0 Waterproof Road BootsThe Solution is a waterproof leather boot with an oil-resistant rubber sole. I've put a few thousand miles on a pair of these and have been pretty impressed. Especially when you consider these boots have a street price barely north of a hundred bucks!

As motorcycle boots go these would be considered "touring boots." They are comfortable, easy to walk in and easy to get on or off. I like the zipper-under-velcro closure and they also have a reinforcement on the left toes to prevent shifter wear. There's a handy pull-tab on the back of the boot that can snag on your pants, but it's awfully helpful for putting them on. The Tourmaster Solutions offer some ankle bone protection and will protect your feet from abrasion in the event of a spill.

Are these the best boots out there? Not hardly. But for the price they're pretty darn good. Are they better than riding in sneakers? You bet! Are they good choice for a track day at Hallett? Not really.

For that you'll just have to get used to the storm trooper look.

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Jody said...

These are MY boots. I love them even in 100 degree summer! So comfortable! I'm more about function than style.

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