Monday, July 21, 2014

Viking Cruise jacket

She wants to keep this one

A Viking Cruise model jacket recently arrived at the TWO headquarters from Motorcycle House. First thing we noticed upon unpacking was that it was a "cruiser styled" jacket in a true women's cut. Many of these style jackets for women are simply smaller versions of men's jackets.

We looked at the company behind the Viking brand that goes by the name of Motorcycle House. They are based out of Los Angeles and have been in business  since 2009. They sell a variety of protective gear, saddlebags and other ware, with Viking being their house brand. They really do seem to be a very attentive company, with quick responses, 1 - 3 day to your door (in the U.S.) shipping and a serious drive to make sure you are happy with what you receive. We deal with a lot of companies and it was nice to have the extra attention from a small, but established company when dealing with the folks at Motorcycle House.

Good attention to detail
The Cruise jacket gives you a mix of some modern features packaged in a stylized black leather package. The Cruise model
utilizes thick, soft leather for the outer shell with a nylon liner. It also comes equipped with an additional, full zip out liner for the chilly months.

 Official Test Passenger Cyndie wore it in both warm July days and couple cool nights and expressed how comfortable it was, that it really did fit her well, sealed up nice when it cooled off and liked the extra pair of inside pockets.

The Cruise jacket does not have any protective padding. We always enjoy the extra security that the back, shoulder and elbow pads give us on our gear, but understand that a number of people just don't like all that extra bulk. And, this is far more protective than that tee or tank top we see all too often.

Cinched waist and braided stitching
 A few of the words that she used to describe it:
- Figure hugging
- Roomy in the bust
- Hugs the waist
- Comfy

She also liked the details on this one. The braiding up the front and back, the cinched, elastic waist, that the arms had plenty of length and you could undo the snaps on the front collar and zip it up all the way.

Full zip out liner
 If this is the style of jacket that you are looking for, then you really can't go wrong with the Viking Cruise. It lists for only $89.95, in a full leather package, quality stitching, great fit, attention to detail, all YKK
zippers and a company that stands behind everything they sell.  

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When are you guys going to do a feature on the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum?

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