Friday, October 30, 2009

Cortech GX Sport Jacket

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Advanced Jacket for Three Seasons

You may have seen me wearing this jacket in a couple of recent episodes. It's a comfy textile jacket with lots of pockets and includes a quilted liner. The Series 2 GX Sport is touted for its advanced ventilation system, but even with all those vents it doesn't make this a summer jacket.

Cortech Mens GX Sport Series 2 Silver Motorcycle JacketUnder that 600 Denier Carbolex® shell and reflective piping is a waterproof liner. Unfortunately it also blocks a good deal of airflow- even with every vent wide open. Now that might not be a problem if we lived in Seattle, but if it's August here in Oklahoma you do have a problem!

On the downside, the zipper can be maddening. It catches much too easily on the outer hem or the inner rain flap. After a little fiddling I discovered hooking my thumb inside the zipper as I pulled it up helped. I also found the Shock Cord feature (a system to hold the shoulder vents open) difficult to deal with while wearing gloves.

Otherwise it's a great jacket.

It has a very nice fit and lots of great features. I like the neck closure, easy to find even with heavy gloves, and the removable quilted liner will keep you warm even when the mercury dips pretty low. The removable armor is substantial and includes a back pad. Sizing seem to run pretty accurate, and tall sizes are also offered which add about 2" to the length of the sleeves and torso. The GX Sport 2 is offered in blue (shown above), black, yellow, silver and red.

So if you're looking for a well made waist-length jacket, look no further. The fit is one of the best I've ever worn and the weather protection is top notch. But if you're hoping to find a year-round jacket suitable for Oklahoma summers, don't let all those vents fool you.

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