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Five Gift Ideas from Two Wheel Oklahoma

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Gift Ideas for Two-Wheeling Oklahomans

Every once in a while some poor soul asks us for advice on buying a gift. So with the holidays quickly approaching, now seemed like a good time to list some of our favorite gift suggestions- not just motorcycle stuff, but also cool gifts with an Oklahoma slant. So with no further adieu....

Gift Idea No. 1
Two Wheel Oklahoma Stuff
I'll be blunt. You really should buy our stuff.

Not only does it look really cool- it helps keep Oklahoma's fifth most popular motorcycle travel show on the air!

Choose from two images. There's the bold, clean lines of the simple TWO logo, or the sporty "headlight" design. Our partners at Zazzle will print you up a snazzy shirt or hoodie at the click of your mouse, and ship it to your door- or directly to your loved one. Imagine their delight when they unwrap a special gift featuring the logo of your favorite local TV show!

It's not just t-shirts- you'll also find coffee mugs, mouse pads, stickers and more. Oh, did I mention you can customize shirt colors and styles to suit your own very special taste? What's not to love?!?

Gift Idea No. 2
Great Big Book of Okie MapsRoads of Oklahoma
All explorers need a map- and this here is one heckuva map. This is the state of Oklahoma laid out over 144 pages showing county roads, cemeteries, oil wells and more. Each page is 11" x 15" so you have our entire state before you in incredible detail. Plus, an index of over 1800 towns means Pyramid Corners is always at your fingertips!

Other states are available in the Roads Of series including Texas, Coloroado, New Mexico, Arkansas and many more.
The Roads of Oklahoma

Gift Idea No. 3
Clever Oklahoma Sayings Printed on T-Shirts
If you've watched our show then you may have admired our t-shirts. They're so stylish I hesitate to call them t-shirts- they're actually cotton pullovers from Louis & Cluck, courtesy of the friendly folks at Dwelling Spaces.

They have exploited our manly physiques to model several of their local designs- like Viva La Tulsa! and Don't Hate the 918. Or my personal favorite, Okie Doke. Here's Brad relaxing at Greenleaf State Park and styling the boldly simple OK! design. Shop Dwelling Spaces online or off for these and many more Okie designs.

Gift Idea No. 4
The Ultimate Motorcycle 2010 Wall CalendarA Year of Cool Bikes
Who wouldn't want a wall calendar of the world's coolest motorcycles? Well... okay, I can think of a few people.

But even non-motorcycle people will find something they like at They have a slew of full-color wall and desktop calendars printed on heavy, high gloss paper covering everything under the sun. Pets, cars, babes, movies and more.

Gift Idea No. 5
Pick a Pack of Pops
As seen on episode one! Drop by Pops in Arcadia and pick out six different sodas to make your own special gift pack. They even provide custom 6 pack cartons with the Pops logo.

They have over 500 different kinds of soda pop from all over the world- so you're guaranteed to find something unique. Just make sure to get something in a bottle you can open!

We also have a Two Wheel Oklahoma bookstore page that features recommended reading, motorcycle videos and cool gadgets from Amazon. You get a great price on cool stuff and each purchase benefits the show.

Maybe you have some ideas of your own? Okay, wise guy.... post a comment and let's hear it!

Two Wheel Oklahoma

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Love the hoodies!

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