Monday, May 24, 2010

Not the End of the Road

Looks like the last Two Wheel Oklahoma on OETA will be aired May 30, 2010.

We tried our best to meet our commitment to provide a steady stream of new episodes to OETA. But our effort was scuttled by the lack of suitable financial backing. When it came time to deliver Episode Six (which should have aired on May 9) we could not deliver. Re-runs will continue on Tuesdays through June on the OKLA Channel, but our Sunday morning slot has been given to another show.

Western terminus of OK-20 near Ralston
This is disappointing for us, as well as many of our fans I'm sure. We appreciate OETA for giving a couple of unknowns the opportunity to share our idea for a television show with thousands of people. They told us up front they were not in the business of underwriting locally-produced programming, so the burden was on us.

But this isn't the end of the road. We will continue to post the episodes of Two Wheel Oklahoma online, offer DVDs and search for other local venues. And we're most excited about national interest that has been expressed!

Brad and I are actively searching for corporate sponsors to support a travel show for all 50 states. So stay tuned for more news on that front.

Who knows? Two Wheel America don't sound half bad.

Two Wheel Oklahoma

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Unknown said...

I've been watching the show for the past few weeks. After the first episode I was hooked and looked forward to watching it every Sunday. Sorry to hear that it's coming to an end. You guys (crew included) did a good job bringing the adventures of wondering the backroads of Oklahoma to the general public. It's too bad that there wasn't enough support. Good luck to you and don't forget OK if you make it big.

It's a Travel Show

Two Wheel Oklahoma is a television travel show featuring the motorcycle rides of Brad Mathison and Rex Brown along the scenic highways and backroads of Oklahoma.

Each episode highlights a stretch of road or historic route and explores unique destinations along the way. Tune in three times a week on the Cox Channel.

We hope you'll come ride along.

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