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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Who Doesn't Love a Blooper Reel?

Seriously, who doesn't love a good blooper reel?

Then again, some would argue that all our reels are blooper reels. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

We're Back!

After airing on Public television for a few seasons, Two Wheel Oklahoma branched off into commercial networks. Those national networks, as well as Europe and New Zealand will continue to air the shows, but we are proud to be back to KRSC (RSU Tv). Now you have no excuse why you would miss any of their travels. We are airing over the air in Oklahoma on 35.1, Dish Tv and Direct Tv on 35 and Cox channels 109, 110/HD 793

Rex and Brad getting schooled on "Brunch"
This Saturday (October 12th) at 10:00 am, RSU Tv will be airing a new episode. This is an episode that we're all very proud of and will mark the beginning of a whole season on that station. So, tune in Saturday morning and let us know what you think

The new schedule on KRSC (RSU Tv) is:
Tuesdays at 5:30pm
Wednesdays at 5:00pm
Saturdays at 10:00 am

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Brad Mathison appears on Good Morning Oklahoma
The folks at KTUL-TV in Tulsa invited us to come share some of our favorite adventures.

As they say in TV Talk Show Land, "Here's a clip..."

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back to Where it All Began

We started our television journey on a rusty bridge outside of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. That bridge, and the bumpy stretch of concrete leading west, is part of a very old roadway that predates Route 66. That first episode, originally aired April 2010 on OETA, introduced viewers across Oklahoma to us, our show and our unique approach to documenting life off the beaten path. 

So it seemed only fitting that our first stop on a new project would begin with a little known network of trails and backroads... and that rusty bridge over Rock Creek. 

Our new project is known as Forgotten Highways and our first documentary will be about the historic Ozark Trail.

Before Route 66 became America's Main Street there were several private efforts to cobble together cross-country highways. One of these was organized by the Ozark Trail Association and stretched from St Louis, Missouri to Las Vegas, New Mexico. Much of this road would later become Route 66, which has prompted some to call the Ozark Trail the "Mother of the Mother Road."

The Trail was marked by unusual stone pyramids. Only seven of these obelisks remain. The story of this road is a uniquely American tale of ingenuity, showmanship and greed that, at times, verges on bizarre. It's a story not many know about, and one that's well worth telling!

We are using Kickstarter to fund this project. Kickstarter has been around a few years now and has helped millions of people fund creative projects, unique products and great ideas.

The best part is you don't just pledge money. You become part of the project. Normally, these are funded by large companies that hold an interest in the product. Instead, we are letting the people take responsibility for getting it made or not.

To show our appreciation we offer you special recognition. Depending the amount you pledge we offer you exclusive content, bonus DVDs or even producer credit. Take a look, share it with your friends, tell everybody you know and pledge now!

Forgotten Highways - The Ozark Trail

Monday, November 19, 2012

TWO Visits Pawnee

Take a Trip to Pawnee with Two Wheel Oklahoma

Rest stop in Blackburn, Oklahoma

Television travel show visits Pawnee and lets off some steam.

Tulsa, OK (November 19, 2012)— The travel show featuring Brad Mathison and Rex Brown discovering Oklahoma by motorcycle will debut a new episode beginning November 21, 2012 on Cox Cable.

Monday, September 3, 2012


As we all relax on this Labor Day Holiday it seemed like a fitting time to offer you a teaser from our own recent labors.

We wanted to offer something special to all you great folks out there in Worldwide Interwebular Land who follow our exploits on Facebook. So here's a special little viddy of some outtakes from our latest project- watch for this new episode in September!

Outtakes from a New Show

Friday, May 11, 2012

Two Wheel Oklahoma Now Nationwide

Manly Network Adds Oklahoma Travel Show

Beginning May 12, 2012 viewers in 19 states will be able to enjoy our highly entertaining show via the TUFF-TV network.

TUFF-TV launched in 2009 offering sports and outdoor programming targeted at men. Since we both happen to be men we thought it sounded like a great fit! That means our show (and advertisers) are seen all over the country, including major markets like Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle and Charlotte. Heck, you can even get it in Oklahoma City! So help us spread the news, and tune in Saturday mornings at 10:30 AM and Sundays at 11:30 AM CST.

And here's a handy link if you're wondering whether a TV station near you carries TUFF-TV...

Station List for TUFF-TV

Monday, November 21, 2011

Best-Of Show this Week

Special Two Wheel Oklahoma Episode for the Holidays

 Travel Show Offers Viewers a Special Treat for Thanksgiving

A special edition of Two Wheel Oklahoma will premiere November 23 at 8:30 p.m.

The special show is a best-of episode featuring clips from eight journeys around Oklahoma. Co-hosts, Brad Mathison and Rex Brown, travel the backroads and highways of the Sooner State by motorcycle and share their experiences in a travel journal format. Highlights will include locations such as Arcadia, Watonga, Sapulpa, Spavinaw and many more.
Two Wheel Oklahoma is available on the Cox Channel (HD channel 703 or SD channel 3) on Wednesdays at 8:30 PM with encore showings on Saturdays at 9:30 PM and Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM. Cox subscribers will also have access to watch the show whenever they like using a video-on-demand service.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life Beyond the Beeline

Alternate 75 is the first new episode of Two Wheel Oklahoma produced in 2011. It had been a year since we had shot any video so we decided to stay close to home. When I suggested we explore US-75 towards Okmulgee the response was a collective yawn.

Life Beyond the Beeline
Photo by Travis Edwards
This highway is not typically known for its scenic beauty or sweeping curves. Most of the way through Oklahoma it's pretty darn straight. Especially the section between Tulsa and Okmulgee. In fact, it's called the "Beeline" by the locals due to its boringly linear track.

But what most people don't realize is the old highway is still alive and kicking. It's even an officially recognized Federal highway between Sapulpa and Beggs- and if you keep your eyes peeled you can make it all the way to Okmulgee on old highway 75.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Land of the Onion Burger

We headed off to Western Oklahoma looking for Route 66, but found onion burgers.

Windmills near Weatherford
Our sixth installment of Two Wheel Oklahoma featured a stretch of the Mother Road from El Reno to Weatherford, Oklahoma. Along this route we discovered some thriving communities, proud of their history- and their fried onion hamburgers!

The best I can tell the onion burger became popular during the Depression years. Restauranteurs searched for ways to make their expensive meat go further. Onions became a popular choice as filler because they were cheap and helped keep the burger moist. Eventually customers became accustomed to burgers with onion fried in, and the practice continued even after good times returned. Today the city of El Reno holds an annual Onion Burger Day each May and fries up a 700-pound burger. But onion burgers aren't the only thing to see.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coming to the Cox Channel this Fall

Two Wheel Oklahoma returns to television!

The show will be available on the Cox Channel three times a week beginning August 31st with a brand new, never-broadcast episode. Cox Cable customers in Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas can watch Two Wheel Oklahoma on channel 3 and HD channel 703. It will also be available through the Video-on-Demand system.

We want to thank our first two sponsors who have made this possible.

Brookside Motorcycles  - These guys have been behind the Two Wheel concept since the beginning and are a dealership we believe in.

Corner Cafe - A new sponsor that was excited to be on board. They are located on Route 66 at 11th & Peoria and another at 53rd & Peoria. We have found that they make some of the best breakfasts in Tulsa!

We encourage everybody to drop by both of these businesses and let them know that you appreciate their involvement in keeping Two Wheel Oklahoma alive while we are out looking for more.
For that matter, let Cox know that you enjoy the show.

Now, pull up a couch and come ride along!

Wednesdays 8:30 PM
Saturdays 9:30 PM
Sundays 9:30 AM

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Calling All Videos

Wouldn't it be cool if you could share your videos and somebody would show them on TV?

Yeah, we thought so too!

If you have a cool video that's under 5 minutes long and has something to do with motorcycles or Oklahoma or dirigibles or something interesting we'd love to see it. We can't promise anything but you just might see it on TV!

You can send us a link using our snazzy contact form or you can send them to If your file is larger than a few meg (and they usually are) we suggest using You Send It. It's a free service that allows you to transfer files up to 2 gig for free!

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're Big in Brighton

Beginning on January 5, 2011 your favorite Oklahoma travel show will be available to viewers in the UK via the Sky TV satellite network. That's right- UK as in United Kingdom!

Two Wheel Oklahoma will be available on Sky 219, also known as My Channel. showtimes

Syndication to other countries can sometimes present problems. Fortunately people in the UK speak a form of American known as "English." Despite this similar language there are other issues that can cause confusion. So we decided to offer our new viewers a little assistance to prepare them.

Here's the top five questions people from England ask after watching Two Wheel Oklahoma...

5: Why do they always ride on the wrong side of the road?
4: Aren't there any eateries serving jellied eels?
3: How do they keep their teeth so pretty?
2: Don't all Americans ride Harleys?
And the number one thing folks from across the pond wonder when watching Two Wheel Oklahoma:

1: What the hell is a Dutch angle?

So the next time you're across the pond be sure to tune in!

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TWO Returns to RSU in December

Two Wheel Oklahoma will return to the airwaves this Thursday on RSU Public TV.

A special showing is scheduled for Thursday evening, December 9, during the station's Winterfest pledge drive. Brad and I will be playing hosts for this gala event so it should be quite an evening. Please, no prank phone calls.

And beginning December 15th catch the show every Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM. We'll kick that off with a brand new episode we taped at the International Motorcycle Show last month in Dallas. It's a little different than our usual fare, but we think you'll like it.

In addition to the Wednesday evening time slot additional showtimes are scheduled during overnight and on the digital-only station (beginning 12/10/2011):
KRSC UHF 35/Cable 19 Wednesdays 9:00 PM
Fridays 3:30 AM
KRSC UHF 35.2 Saturdays 8:30 PM

You can view all the upcoming air dates and syndicated stations on our showtime schedule.

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Friday, October 15, 2010

Two Wheel Oklahoma now in Joplin area!

Show Me... Two Wheel Oklahoma!

Two Wheel Oklahoma is now being broadcast in the Joplin, Missouri area on Joplin NOW, also known as cable channel 13. This marks the first out-of-state showing of TWO as we expand into the national market.

So make sure to tell all your friends in Southwest Missouri to tune in for the best half-hour Oklahoma motorcycle travel show around!

We'll keep everybody updated as more TV stations add the show to their programming. For the latest list of showtimes check our big fancy calendar.

If you would like to see our show in your area, nag your local station. Ask them to contact us through the website for details on syndication or sponsorship.

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Wheel Oklahoma DVDs Now Available

DVDs of your favorite episodes are now available directly from the source!
Shop our online store now for DVDs and cool TWO logo apparel!

Each episode is available for only $14.00. Flat-rate shipping is only $4.00. No matter whether you order one or one hundred, it's still only four bucks!

Fine print: U.S. addresses only, for international orders please contact us.

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TWO Goes to College

I'm finally going to a university. Well, sort of.

We're thrilled to announce that beginning in August 2010 you'll be able to watch Two Wheel Oklahoma on Rogers State University Public Television, KRSC-TV. Mark your calendar (or refer to ours) for Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm and Tuesdays at noon.

If you're a longtime fan of the show you'll initially be seeing some familiar episodes. I think the technical jargon is "re-runs." But our new buddies in Claremore are anxious to help us start making new shows! We're still ironing out the details, but we hope to syndicate the show to more stations and will have the cameras rolling again real soon.

RSU Public TV is the only full-powered public television station licensed to a public university in Oklahoma. KRSC broadcasts to an audience of 1.2 million viewers in Northeastern Oklahoma. Viewers can tune in via UHF Channel 35, or more than 70 satellite and cable systems including Cox Cable Channel 19 in Tulsa and Claremore.

Here's a complete list of cable providers in Northeastern Oklahoma and the channels where you'll find KRSC-TV, and Two Wheel Oklahoma!

KRSC-TV Channel List

Photo courtesy Rogers State University

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Monday, May 24, 2010

Not the End of the Road

Looks like the last Two Wheel Oklahoma on OETA will be aired May 30, 2010.

We tried our best to meet our commitment to provide a steady stream of new episodes to OETA. But our effort was scuttled by the lack of suitable financial backing. When it came time to deliver Episode Six (which should have aired on May 9) we could not deliver. Re-runs will continue on Tuesdays through June on the OKLA Channel, but our Sunday morning slot has been given to another show.

Western terminus of OK-20 near Ralston
This is disappointing for us, as well as many of our fans I'm sure. We appreciate OETA for giving a couple of unknowns the opportunity to share our idea for a television show with thousands of people. They told us up front they were not in the business of underwriting locally-produced programming, so the burden was on us.

But this isn't the end of the road. We will continue to post the episodes of Two Wheel Oklahoma online, offer DVDs and search for other local venues. And we're most excited about national interest that has been expressed!

Brad and I are actively searching for corporate sponsors to support a travel show for all 50 states. So stay tuned for more news on that front.

Who knows? Two Wheel America don't sound half bad.

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Thursday, May 6, 2010

1000 Facebook Fans "Like" Two Wheel Oklahoma

Winners were announced in Two Wheel Oklahoma's "TWO 1000" promotion today. 

Beth Goins Bray and Charlie Otis were selected at random from over 1,000 of the show's Facebook fans. They each receive a t-shirt of their choice from the official Two Wheel Oklahoma gear store on Zazzle!

The TWO 1000 contest was initiated last December to encourage fans of the TWO television show to follow our exploits on the popular social networking site, Facebook. The contest culminated, and the winners were chosen, when the number of "fans" reached 1,000.

Apparel and other items featuring the Two Wheel Oklahoma logo are available online through Zazzle. The service allows buyers to personalize products and create their own unique shirt, decal or coffee mug. Once the order is placed the product is custom-printed and shipped by Zazzle.

We'll be expanding the designs available over the coming months, so stay tuned. And if you have suggestions for new designs post a comment here or contact us!

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daytime TV will never be the same

Great news for all of you late sleepers that can't roll out of bed on Sunday mornings! Beginning May 4, 2010 reruns of Two Wheel Oklahoma will be available on the OKLA channel every Tuesday at 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

That's three chances to catch Two Wheel Oklahoma every week!

Let OETA Know
If you're a supporter of public television be sure to let them know what you think about Two Wheel Oklahoma on their annual questionnaire. And even if you don't contribute to OETA, you can contact and let them know how much you like the show!

*OKLA is the OETA community channel. It's available over-the-air on channel 13.2 in Oklahoma City or 11.2 in Tulsa. Consult your cable provider's listings for more information.

Two Wheel 

Tune in every Sunday morning at 8:30 on OETA