Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're Big in Brighton

Beginning on January 5, 2011 your favorite Oklahoma travel show will be available to viewers in the UK via the Sky TV satellite network. That's right- UK as in United Kingdom!

Two Wheel Oklahoma will be available on Sky 219, also known as My Channel. showtimes

Syndication to other countries can sometimes present problems. Fortunately people in the UK speak a form of American known as "English." Despite this similar language there are other issues that can cause confusion. So we decided to offer our new viewers a little assistance to prepare them.

Here's the top five questions people from England ask after watching Two Wheel Oklahoma...

5: Why do they always ride on the wrong side of the road?
4: Aren't there any eateries serving jellied eels?
3: How do they keep their teeth so pretty?
2: Don't all Americans ride Harleys?
And the number one thing folks from across the pond wonder when watching Two Wheel Oklahoma:

1: What the hell is a Dutch angle?

So the next time you're across the pond be sure to tune in!

Two Wheel Oklahoma


Anonymous said...

Caught your show last night on Sky TV UK in Derry, Northern Ireland for the first time and loved it! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it listed on the schedule. Three years ago I moved from Oklahoma where I was raised to live here in Derry. While I love living here, missing family and friends back in Oklahoma is often quite hard. Your show is almost like a visit back home and it also gave me some ideas of places to show my Irish husband next time we return. Great show!

Anonymous said...

Love the show,but why are you not riding a Harley,Victory or Indian?Please ride American!I am riding Route 66 soon,On a Harley!and really looking forward to seeing your beautiful State!

It's a Travel Show

Two Wheel Oklahoma is a television travel show featuring the motorcycle rides of Brad Mathison and Rex Brown along the scenic highways and backroads of Oklahoma.

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