Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 Tulsa Press Club Newsie Awards

Vote for TWO!

Are these men Journalists?
Two Wheel Oklahoma has been nominated for a 2013 Newsie Award for Best Local TV Show. Wow!

Newsies are an annual awards gala sponsored by the Tulsa Press Club. Members nominate local media outlets and personalities for outstanding print, radio and television journalism. Wow again!

We were flattered- especially considering we couldn't even spell journalism before receiving this award. Brad and I want to encourage all of our fans (and all of their cousins, friends and parole officers) to vote for Two Wheel Oklahoma!

Vote: 2013 Tulsa Newsie Awards

Tulsa Newsie Awards
Seriously, we're honored to be recognized by the Tulsa Press Club and listed alongside such illustrious local media. Whether we win or not, it's nice to be noticed. Now go vote!


Connie Dooley said...

A link to the voting site would be helpful.

Mercedes Millberry said...

The link to the ballot is here:

It's a Travel Show

Two Wheel Oklahoma is a television travel show featuring the motorcycle rides of Brad Mathison and Rex Brown along the scenic highways and backroads of Oklahoma.

Each episode highlights a stretch of road or historic route and explores unique destinations along the way. Tune in three times a week on the Cox Channel.

We hope you'll come ride along.

Brad and Rex: co-hosts of Two Wheel Oklahoma