Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back to Where it All Began

We started our television journey on a rusty bridge outside of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. That bridge, and the bumpy stretch of concrete leading west, is part of a very old roadway that predates Route 66. That first episode, originally aired April 2010 on OETA, introduced viewers across Oklahoma to us, our show and our unique approach to documenting life off the beaten path. 

So it seemed only fitting that our first stop on a new project would begin with a little known network of trails and backroads... and that rusty bridge over Rock Creek. 

Our new project is known as Forgotten Highways and our first documentary will be about the historic Ozark Trail.

Before Route 66 became America's Main Street there were several private efforts to cobble together cross-country highways. One of these was organized by the Ozark Trail Association and stretched from St Louis, Missouri to Las Vegas, New Mexico. Much of this road would later become Route 66, which has prompted some to call the Ozark Trail the "Mother of the Mother Road."

The Trail was marked by unusual stone pyramids. Only seven of these obelisks remain. The story of this road is a uniquely American tale of ingenuity, showmanship and greed that, at times, verges on bizarre. It's a story not many know about, and one that's well worth telling!

We are using Kickstarter to fund this project. Kickstarter has been around a few years now and has helped millions of people fund creative projects, unique products and great ideas.

The best part is you don't just pledge money. You become part of the project. Normally, these are funded by large companies that hold an interest in the product. Instead, we are letting the people take responsibility for getting it made or not.

To show our appreciation we offer you special recognition. Depending the amount you pledge we offer you exclusive content, bonus DVDs or even producer credit. Take a look, share it with your friends, tell everybody you know and pledge now!

Forgotten Highways - The Ozark Trail

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