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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wanna' Help? Now You Can.

Since Two Wheel Oklahoma began airing last October I've had several people ask me, "How can I help?" It's great to know so many people enjoy what we're doing. Even better to know they are willing to offer their support.

Support the Show
Now you can help us make new episodes of T.W.O.

Your financial contribution helps underwrite the costs associated with production, editing, closed-captioning and distribution.

It's humbling.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Your Turn

Have you visited an interesting place in Oklahoma?

We invite you to share it with us, and our other viewers. It's easy! If you follow us on Facebook you can tell us about your own adventures in the Sooner State on our forums. You can also leave suggestions, comment on the show or just say hello. Join the conversation now on our Facebook Discussion Forums.

You can also share your photos or video with us. Facebook makes it easy for you to post your own pictures or videos on our "wall." It's fun, it's easy and it's free!

Two Wheel Oklahoma on Facebook

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Follow Us on Facebook

If you're following us on Facebook you might already be a winner. If not, there's no better time to join Facebook and become a fan.

Choose your favorite color and design!We've Got Free T-Shirts for Two Lucky Fans!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Moving to PBS

Two Wheel Oklahoma Will Move to OETA this Spring

Our Christmas present came a little early this year when the folks at the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) invited us to join their network. The details are still being ironed out, but what we do know is Two Wheel Oklahoma will begin airing statewide in April 2010. That means anyone in Oklahoma will be able to watch the show! Not to mention a few foreigners in parts of Texas, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri.

To say we're excited would be a huge understatement!

We'll start working on new episodes very soon. We'll also be knocking on doors to drum up support from sponsors who can help underwrite our production costs. On commercial television underwriting is called "advertising." In the world of public television, underwriters help fund the program in return for a thank you before and after each episode. Depending on your level of support that thank-you might be a simple message, your company logo or a 15-second spot.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Our First Rerun

We're hot out of the gate, way out in front and heading for the first turn. Then WHAM... our first malfunction!

The response to the first episode of Two Wheel Oklahoma has been tremendous, and we planned to have another great episode ready for Week Two. Alas there are only so many hours in a day, and it looks like that won't happen after all. Retro Spec has done an amazing job on the video production and editing for Two Wheel Oklahoma.

Mr Sam at the Round BarnUnfortunately we were not able to complete the editing and closed captioning in time to make the air date this week. So this Saturday, instead of showing you our trip up Highway 20, we are running an "encore performance" of the Route 66 episode.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy another visit with Mister Sam?

We will be back with a new episode next week.

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturdays at 9 AM on Tulsa's My 41

Two Wheel Oklahoma will debut October 3rd in Tulsa on KMYT.

Brad and Rex videotaping an episode near Beaver Lake.After two years of planning, writing and riding, we are unveiling a new television program for Green Country viewers. Beginning October 3rd Two Wheel Oklahoma will air Saturdays at 9:00 am on Tulsa television KMYT-41. Viewers will ride along as Brad Mathison and Rex Brown tour Oklahoma by motorcycle. The show will feature local festivals, unusual places and interviews with local characters.

The majority of the show will focus on the highways, history and unique places that make Oklahoma special. The pilot episode features Claremore, Oklahoma and places like the Will Rogers Memorial. Future shows will visit destinations such as the Talimena Scenic Byway, Red Rock Canyon and Oklahoma's only railroad tunnel.

“We've been riding around this state all our lives, but I'm constantly amazed how we always seem to discover something new. If you're looking for it, there's almost always something interesting just around the next bend.”

My 41 TulsaKMYT-41, commonly known as My 41, is available on most cable and satellite carriers in Northeastern Oklahoma. More markets will be added in the near future, eventually making the show available to viewers across the state.

Set your alarm clocks for 9:00 AM every Saturday kiddies!

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Monday, June 22, 2009

Trailer for First Episode

Filming on location with Two Wheel Oklahoma.We've been working hard on researching out-of-the-way destinations, writing scripts and creating storyboards for upcoming episodes of Two Wheel Oklahoma. Then, in between all that, we're still soliciting sponsors to underwrite the production costs for a full season.

But all that hard work goes on behind the scenes, unnoticed by the general populace. I know many of you would love to see some finished product!

So here's a little teaser for everyone out there who's taken an interest in our little travel show project. It's just a few minutes taken from our first episode, shot last January along State Highway 20 and Claremore. Consider it a thank you for your continued interest and support.

We hope you enjoy it.

Watch the Trailer

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Season One Trailer

Two Wheel Oklahoma drops in on Cotton Eyed JoesWe have started work on a trailer for the first season of Two Wheel Oklahoma.

So far the results are looking fantastic with the help of Jason Burks and crew of Retrospec Films. Dustin Staiger of Frontline Group is producing this initial preliminary trailer.

Shooting a scene at the Will Rogers Memorial.
The plan is for production of the first episodes of Two Wheel Oklahoma to begin in April and air later this year.

Moto Guzzi Norge and BMW R1200S

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Coming Soon to a Television Near You

It's about the Oklahoma two-lanes. It's about the backroads and trails. It's about all the places we love to ride- and the people and the bikes and the history and the businesses. Two Wheel Oklahoma is all those things that we enjoy about motorcycling in Oklahoma.

We hope you'll come ride along.

Watch your local listings for upcoming episodes of Two Wheel Oklahoma or join our mailing list for e-mail updates. For great places to ride and upcoming motorcycle events across America visit Places 2 Ride.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Want to be on TV?

We want you!

Product Reviews
We're looking for products and riding gear to review.
If you produce or market riding gear or accessories, or want to suggest one, please contact us.
Well, we want your videos. Your photos. Your stories. It's not that we don't want you. We just can't fit you on our scanner.

Maybe you have a cool video, a story about the open road, photos you're proud of? If it's about motorcycling in or around Oklahoma, we'd like to see them. We also want to hear about your group rides, club events or plain old get-togethers (motorcycle-related of course).

If you'd like to see your viddy or club event on television, then let us know about it! If we don't know about it we can't cover it. And if we can't cover it then... well, you get the idea.

Here's how it works:
If you have video of motorcycling in Oklahoma you can email us a link or mail us a tape or DVD (preferably mini-DV). Be sure to include your email address and SASE if you want the tape or disk back.
Contact Us

Upcoming event? Use our handy motorcycle events calendar form. We'll take it from there. Plus expose your exciting date to the legions of leather-clad, bug-spattered bikers that frequent our websites.

The fine print:
Obviously we can't use every submission we receive. But if we use your video or cover your event, we'll be sure to let you know (and politely ask you to sign a release).

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Contact Us


Somebody moved the stupid form! Now you have to contact us here.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

About Us

We started trying to be TV starts back in 2009. Since then we've managed to create quite a following and gain a respectable following on Facebook. In fact we outgrew this original "about us" page!

The "real" About Us page was moved here:

But feel free to leave your comments about the show here.

Sorry.... somebody really needs to clean up this place!